Friday, April 20, 2012

A Poem about Myself

Billowing Bloom
By Kyla Mae Tan
A flower full of life and energy
Sometimes as wild as a menagerie
And sometimes can be as still as a stick
It just shows that I am a maverick

I can be as dazzling as a maven
And when strong winds blow by; I just hasten
Wonderstruck and one of a kind
My real character a true friend must find

My actions are always caring and swift
Wondering in awe as glitters drift
A flower waiting patiently for the best
Living in company with happiness’ caress

I actually wrote this poem for my English class when we were learning about writing poems. We wrote maybe 10 poems, and this was one of them. I developed a liking for writing poems, I find them very creative, I learned from my teacher that a poem doesn't always have to be all measured and rhyming, and that we can also show shapes using the words! Writing poems gives us the freedom to express.

I'm going to make this a hobby! I want to improve on this! :)

Here's the link of the PowerPoint Presentation we used to learn it. I hope you find poetry a hobby that's worthwhile. :) God bless

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