Sunday, June 12, 2011

My First Day of High School

This is such a memorable day. Today’s the start of our high school lives. It’s a roller-coaster of emotions for me. There were disappointments and all but at the end of the day I’m glad that it was a happy ending.
The new uniform looked and felt different; from yellow and brown to navy blue and crisp white. Now we’re part of the high school department. The new building, new teachers, and new classmates are so different from 6th grade. On my way up the stairs, I felt excitement. I’m finally going to see my friends again. I’m game for learning of course! I was all smiles walking my way to the classrooms. First, I looked at Nazareth’s list to look for my name. No, it wasn’t there. I looked for my best friend’s name, it was there. I was so sad; I didn’t want to believe it. I cried a little. My best friend gave me a hug. And she told me to not worry because we can still bond during break times. I looked at Bethlehem’s list, my name was there. I felt so bad I didn’t want to enter that room. That was a big disappointment. I entered Bethlehem with a blank face. A lot noticed that. I knew the way I was acting wasn’t right so I decided to cut the drama and face reality that you don’t always get what you want. I was welcomed my Mary and we sat next to each other. I felt better and better as I socialized with the people there. Then my adviser Mr. Joel Empleo came into class. He being my adviser made me happy. I’ve heard a lot of great things of how he teaches and handles a class. We discussed about our expectations, school rules and the new curriculum by the Aquino government. I guess this school year isn’t new to just us. I find most of our teachers nice, but I think some of them are strict and look like they don’t want us to make any mistakes. I was scared and pressured by that a little. Then I still have a lot to keep up; my grades and my passion for learning. This year I should establish good relations with the people around me. High school is a lot different from elementary; they now treat you more as young adults.
I’ve come to a conclusion that I’m now happy in Bethlehem class. This year; I will do my best to understand other people. I think God separated me and my best friend to test our friendship. Everything does happen for a reason. I will be a helpful president and an understanding friend to my class. Now is the time for new beginnings and to open your heart to people. I am looking forward to this freshman year so much! 

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