Saturday, May 21, 2011

What I'm gonna miss about being in Elementary School

On March 29 2011, our class graduated Elementary School. The 6 years of our lives passed by so quickly. It's the time when you meet your best friends, have your first crush, learn to value education, and grow a lot. I've transferred to Philadelphia High School when I was in 2nd grade. It's been years and a lot has happened. And I've established good relationships with people here. I've found my best friends and I know now who to trust. So, these are the things I'll be missing the most:

  • The Teachers. They're the most approachable and coolest ones in the world. You can open up to them about EVERYTHING. Simply because they've experience it all before. They even tell you tall tales about their old days. All of them are great. 
  • The kids playing around campus. It's a scenario everyday that kids (yes, even us 6th graders) are playing with fellas during morning recess, afternoon recess and lunch. A variety of games are in action. Like, bente uno, ice ice water, langit lupa, taya-tayaan, volleyball and basketball. I'll miss those literally breath-taking and heart-racing moments.
  • The library. The grade school library was a quiet place to study and read books. And our very friendly librarian is always there to assist us. Last school year (S.Y. 2010-2011), the library underwent an expansion. The pre-school library was merged with ours. Which is cool with us because we're free to sit down there and look at children's books and reminisce. And the tables there are so cute, for 6th graders, when you sit down on one of them your knees are almost leveled with your chest. Haha! And we've got projectors there for presentations and film-viewing too.
  • The multi-leveled building. It's a different view from your classroom window every year. You get higher and higher. In a particular year, you'll be leveled with the library, the next, you'll be next to the teacher's faculty, and in 5th and 6th grade, you're on your own! It makes us more like a family since everyone is so close to each other.
  • The early dismissal (for grades 1,2,and 3 only though). Primary level students get to go home earlier at 3:20pm! They're 50 minutes earlier than the rest of us!
  • The wooden chairs. The chairs in High School Department are made of metal. It's warmer and doesn't rust. Haha!
  • The film-viewing. You watch Disney movies and a bunch of other stuff. Like Noah, Adam and Eve and other biblical stories. In cartoons!
  • The fieldtrips. Sometimes your destination differ with the High School. Most of the time you go to places with animals and kids' museums. And sight seeing too. 
  • The little fights with friends. Not much of a cool thing, but after all of them, we learn teamwork, acceptance, solidarity and we love each other more. Then after a few years, we'll just be laughing about them all. :) I guess in high school, things get more serious. But we'll get through it anyway.
  •  The projects. It involves more clay, paint, toys, and crayons. You get down and dirty in some if them. Some involve dancing, and singing. Which we all feel very nervous and scared about. And our creations involve more mess. They're are all so cute. Haha! 
So that's it. I'm really gonna miss those days. We all hope in some time of our lives we can be kids again. It really does happen only once. We learned a lot through all those years. Let's see what is there to learn in High School. Here we come!!!

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