Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Me and this Blog

I'm a thirteen-year-old girl who likes to write, read and just be myself. My purpose is to share to the world what I can say about almost everything. Express how I feel, share to you what happens in my life, and even dream of the near future. 

I got the idea of blogging from the fellow bloggers I know from Candy Magazine's Council of Cool 2010 and 2011. I love how they share their ideas and tell stories of their lives. And all of them sound so fun. Another blogger is, my 6th grade Language teacher Ms. Caroll Jane Perez. She showed me some of her blogs, and I was really interested. 
Here, maybe you could check out their blogs, too!
So here's how I'm gonna put my blog to good use! I'll tell you about me, my story, my everyday life, my dreams and even my usual stressful school life. I'd even make lists of random stuff, like my favorite songs, favorite clothing stores and etc.  Also, I'll try to clip pictures on my entries. :) 

Sincerely yours, Kyla Mae Tan. 
Feel it, believe it, dream it, and BE IT.

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