Friday, April 20, 2012

12 Feel Good Songs

One Step at a Time by Jordin Sparks
This song tells that everything will happen at the right time when you’re prepared enough to handle it, and you’ve earned it. There’s no need to rush to the fantasy you have in your head. It says that in life, we shouldn’t be waiting for the fairy tale to happen before our eyes, but we ourselves are the ones who are going to make it a dream come true, one step at a time.

Firework by Katy Perry
This Billboard-topping single surely gives a major boost for anyone. The beautiful meaning of it is that, in every one of us, there’s a firework inside waiting to be ignited to burst out, shoot across the sky and stutter the audience.

Born to be somebody by Justin Bieber
This is a single from Justin Bieber’s 3D movie’s soundtrack. It narrates every dreamer’s thoughts; that “there’s a me no one knows is waiting to be set free.”

Long Live by Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift wrote this song for her band and her fans. This song is like giving recognition to the people who made your dreams a reality. That together they have moved mountains. This song is so perfect for the people who remained true to you even with the existence of people who brought you down. This is for the people who’ll always believe in you. 

Mean by Taylor Swift
You can feel the optimism there is when you have haters in this song. It tells us to always follow our dreams even if the people who think they’re “above” us keep bringing us down; that all they are going to be is mean. Those people aren’t worth our time; they’d be so occupied by bringing us down that they don’t realize they’re not moving up anymore.

Enchanted by Taylor Swift
This song always brings me back to that moment when you feel so great because of meeting someone. There’s probably at least one person that made us all feel that way in our lifetime. Every time I listen to Enchanted, I always feel the same way the time I met the person; and it tells the words I should’ve said; that feeling that you’re so “wonderstruck”. Get ready to feel kilig all over again.

Someday we’ll know by Jon Foreman and Mandy Moore
This is a classic. It explores the many possibilities that can happen because of love. And gives you hope that someday you’ll know why you’re meant to be, or not.

Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars
If a song was made to make a woman to feel perfect just as she is, this one’s it. Bruno Mars beautifully crafted this to make every woman feel special. This song’s so sweet you’ll fall in love with it.

Domino by Jessie J
A very happy song from Jessie J, it visualizes having fun with friends and someone special. One night so perfect made into a song. It’s super catchy too. I imagine myself driving a convertible, wearing big sunglasses and singing loudly to this song with my awesome fun-loving friends.

Fly by Nicki Minaj ft. Rihanna
I always feel like I’m really flying; that despite everyone who wants to break your flight, you fly, higher and higher. Nicki Minaj perfectly paces her rapping for us to understand every message she’s telling.

Good Life by One Republic
If you feel happy and having a moment in your life when everything’s perfect for you, celebrate it is with this song. You’ll get to visualize it and fall in love with the moment. 

What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
This British boy group really knows how to flatter a girl. One Direction sings about a girl who doesn’t know she’s beautiful and that’s what makes her beautiful. A very happy tune and super cute singing made me love this. It will play in your head, again and again and again. 

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