Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Summer, not as I had imagined it would be

It's been a while since I last posted. I should punish myself like how Dobby does when he speaks badly of the Malfoys. I'm neglecting my blog AGAIN. I'm so inconsistent. Well, anyway, I'm still getting the hang of it. I will, soon.

Do you know that weird feeling? When in school you say; "I wish it was summer vacation already." And then when it's summer vacation you say; "I want the school year to start already!" 
Or maybe, the people who feel like this don't think they're summer is productive in any way, like me. I so want to travel, to attend a workshop and meet new people. But so far, this summer's all blah. 

So, in a desperate yearning for fun and productivity, I've decided to make this summer productive. Just spending  most days at home can be, you just have to choose the things you spend your time on. Like for me, I told myself that this summer I'll blog more often. Even if you're just in front of the computer screen most of the time it still is worth your time. Another would be learning to play the guitar from people on YouTube, I'm so grateful for the people who make tutorials of my favorite songs! And also I can catch up on reading books! I know how hard it is to squeeze reading with schoolwork, not to mention the harm it can do to your health if you're like me who stays up late reading.

As to things that are in favor of my academics, I thought to myself to use this summer to memorize the Periodic Table of Elements. To be honest, I still haven't started because when I told my Science teacher my plan, he told me to just memorize the summer before Junior year because we'd be taking Chemistry that year. Maybe that's why my gusto to do it lessened. Now that I think of it though, I might just memorize half of it. (There are 118 elements!!) Since memorizing it all next summer might give me a tougher time since I'm thinking of taking Public Speaking Courses next year, thus giving me too many to do in just two months.

This summer I got to spend much time with my family, we go to our relatives' houses, celebrate birthdays and other special occasions. I'm so thankful to God for blessing me with a family with such strong ties. And just yesterday one of my closest cousins celebrated her 18th birthday, it's a bigger celebration because it's like the "Sweet Sixteen" or "Quinceanera" here in the Philippines.

Well, it's 10pm now. I'm so happy that I got to post again, hahaha! I hope you, (yes the one reading this) would subscribe. I kind of think that I get lazy blogging because no one gives feedback and sometimes I feel lonely here, not knowing if anyone is reading. :( 
Thanks for reading though, sorry that this post is long. I feel so random now, typing everything that comes into my mind. Talk to you soon!

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